Turkey Landjaeger

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Turkey landjaeger snacks! So what the heck is Landjaeger? Mysterious in name, Landjaeger is a traditional semi-dried sausage that pays homage to our European heritage. A fuel of choice for outdoor adventurers and on-the-go folks, this subtly seasoned, cured meat aims to please all palates. Satisfying and ready to snack, it’s sure to be your new stand by when hunger strikes. Wallet, keys, Landjaeger? Check. 10 g Protein per serving.


INGREDIENTS: Turkey Thighs, Salt, Contains Less than 1% of Dextrose, Spices, Whole Caraway Seeds, Rosemary Extract, Garlic Powder, Sodium Erythorbate, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Sodium Nitrite.

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