"Dips on Ice" Stainless Steel & Acrylic Bowl Set



This stainless steel dip bowl nests into a lower bowl filled with ice to keep your dips, sauces,condiments, snacks and salad dressings perfectly chilled! Includes a snap on lid for convenient storage! The perfect accompaniment to our line of easy-to-make dip mixes!

How to Use This 3 Piece Set:

  • High quality stainless steel bowl (22oz) nests inside lower acrylic ice bowl
  • Place cubed or crushed ice to about 1/2 full in lower bowl. Pour water into lower bowl just above ice line.
  • Position upper bowl into lower bowl so it rests down into the ice water.
  • Snap on lid included for easy storage

Made from stainless steel and crystal clear acrylic, BPA free

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