Allergen Information

We recommend each guest follow their doctor's recommendations in regards to these products.


All Kitchen Kettle Canning Kitchen products except Peanut Butter Schmeir are peanut-free.

* All products are manufactured using the same equipment; however, we employ Good Manufacturing Processes so it is recognized that we do not cross-contaminate any of our other products with peanuts.
* The oyster crackers we use for sampling in the Jam & Relish Kitchen contain peanut oil.

Bake Shop Products: All baked goods are manufactured with the same equipment that also processes peanut and tree nut products. The Bake Shop does NOT employ the same manufacturing processes at the kitchen and therefore it is recommended that you do not consume our baked goods if you have a peanut or tree nut allergy.


Canning Kitchen Products:

  • Kitchen Kettle Marinara Sauces - these contain no granulated sugar but are sweetened with carrots.
  • Kitchen Kettle Apple Butter (No Sugar Added) - this product contains no granulated sugar but is instead sweetened with apple cider.
  • Kitchen Kettle Low Sugar Jams and Preserves - these products contain 30% less sugar than our regular jams and preserves.


Canning Kitchen Products:

  • All Kitchen Kettle Butters 
  • Kitchen Kettle Jams, Jellies, & Preserves, except the following which contain vinegar*:
    • Pepper Jam (distilled vinegar)
    • Jalapeno Jam (distilled vinegar)
    • Fig Balsamic (balsamic vinegar)
    • Hot Pepper Jelly (apple cider vinegar)

Distilled Vinegar Warning

Distilled vinegars are unlikely to contain gluten; however, some people with Celiac Disease report "gluten-like" symptoms after consuming products made with distilled vinegar.

The following Kitchen Kettle products contain Distilled Vinegar: Salsas, Pickles, Relishes, Mustards, Dressings, and Grilling Sauces