Habanero & Honey Dark Balsamic




The sweet and sour notes of our honey vinegar base are beautifully balanced by an assertive kick of habanero. The flavor complexity of this vinegar shines through in stir frys, vinaigrettes, fresh salsas, and more. Even simply drizzling this balsamic over chilled slices of watermelon or pineapple creates an unforgettable dish.

  • Combine with Garlic olive oil to marinate pork or poultry.
  • Combine with any mild Super Premium EVOO for a great salad dressing.
  • Combine with Chipotle olive oil to make a delicious steak marinade for steak tacos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josephine Torrente
Habanero balsamic

I bought the small bottles when I went to Pennsylvania and enjoyed it very much so I ordered it. Excellent

Greatest Balsamic We’ve Ever Had.

We bought this during a trip to Lancaster. We use it marinate chicken that is topped with sun dried tomatoes, lemon butter and goat cheese. It is one of our all time favorite meals. We actually drove back into Lancaster a year later just to get another (bigger bottle). I live in fear that someday they’ll stop making it.

Pamela Mitchell
Habanero Honey Balsamic

The person who received this loved it! I was so happy with the products I purchased. I will definitely purchase again.

Art Guyer
It's the Best!

The Habanero & Honey Balsamic vinegar is one of the best things I have ever bought at the KKV, It makes a great salad dressing alone, or mixed with another dressing. I put it on sliced jalapenos and then used them to dress chili or other rich foods. I bought 3 large bottles, I liked it so much. Two of the will be presents.