Loaded Potato Soup Mix

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Rocky Mountain Trail Loaded Potato Soup is a perfectly seasoned creamy and indulgent loaded potato soup, with all the savory goodness and velvety richness of your favorite comfort food.

  • All natural ingredients with no added salt, preservatives, or MSG
  • Gluten-free
  • With a few fresh ingredient additions, these mixes make a delightfully wholesome meal for family or friends

Nutrition Facts: (Dry Mix)
Serving Size: About 6 Tbsp dry/ About 1 cup prepared 
Calories: 100
Calories from Fat: 0 
Total Fat: 0g 
Saturated Fat: 0g 
Trans Fat: 0g 
Cholesterol: 0mg 
Sodium: 20mg 
Total Carb: 23g 
Dietary Fiber 2g 
Sugars: 2g 
Protein: 3g 

INGREDIENTS: Potato, Broccoli, Tomato, Onion, Chive, Scallion, Ground Peppercorn Blend (black, white, green and pink peppercorn, allspice)

This product is gluten-free. 

Makes 8- 8 oz. servings

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