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Some folks go all the way to Hawaii for a taste this sunny. Lucky for you, we have that taste sealed in a jar for you. We tasted quite a few pineapples before finding the perfect flavor for this jam. Use it as a glaze for your next baked ham, mix it with our Horseradish Mustard for leftover ham sandwiches, or make our incredible Pineapple Mousse.

  • Spread it on toast, bagels, muffins, and anything else you want to add a burst of sweetness to
  • Elevate your cheese, yogurt, or other dairy products by adding a spoonful of flavorful fruit jelly, jam, preserve or marmalade
  • Add to your store-bought glazes, sauces, and dressings to make them sing!
  • Gluten free
  • Made at Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster County, from our own special recipe

Ingredients: Pineapples, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Pineapple Juice [Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin E, and Vitamin A], Water, Pectin, Citric Acid.

Manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts, eggs, and soy.

Featured Recipe: Pineapple Mint Tea Cooler


60th Anniversary Tea Cooler


  • 2 quarts water
  • 8 regular tea bags
  • 2 10oz. jars Kitchen Kettle Pineapple Jam
  • 1/2 cup Kitchen Kettle Mint Jelly (1/2 of a 10oz. jar)


Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and add tea bags. Steep 10 minutes or according to the instructions on the tea box. Remove tea bags and stir in Kitchen Kettle Mint Jelly. Chill for several hours to allow flavors to blend. Serve over ice.


At Kitchen Kettle we refer to our jars using three standard sizes:

  • Half Pints - 8 ounces in volume
  • Pints - 16 ounces in volume
  • Quarts - 32 ounces in volume

We are required to label our jars with the actual net weight of the contents, rather than the volume. You'll notice our Half Pint jars will vary between 8 ounces and 10 ounces in net weight; our Pint jars range from 16 ounces to 20 ounces in net weight; and our Quart jars weigh between 32 and 36 ounces.

Why do the net weighs vary? Although we use the same size jar, a jam made with chunks of fruit will weigh more than a jelly that's made with just the juice of a fruit. 

If you have any questions about our jars sizes, we're happy to help! Give us a call at 800-717-6198 or email us at

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Carol Heinrich

One of the best

John Pizzingrillo

We love Kitchen Kettle Village and when we can’t visit in person ordering online is fast and easy.

Bibi Nazeera Yusuf


Caroline Baer
Jams and jellies

Thank you for free shipping on St Patrick’s day! Stocked up on our favorites. Since we moved to the south, we can’t visit as often!

An absolute favorite of mine

Cannot praise this enough! Adds the perfect sweetness to a piece of toast almost turning breakfast or snack time into dessert time. While it may sound very odd I have also found this to be a great spread for a tuna or chicken salad sandwich (my new favorite application! Cannot wait until more is available, if I can get enough I may try it over ice cream!